Welcome to PepeNero

Welcome to PepeNero!!! ...where we make a point to give you a realistic taste and feel of our beautiful Italian (and Sicilian) cuisine and culture. The new PepeNero is located at the heart of Building 50, taking over the first floor of the Kirkbride Hall building where past and present come together in a beautiful harmony. While keeping the original state of all found pieces of history, we have transformed the first floor of the original Chapel of the old State Hospital into a place with a warm, elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Visiting PepeNero restaurant is one of the most direct ways to soak in the atmosphere of today’s Italy. For those who choose to dine with us, PepeNero gives you not only an atmosphere of modern elegance, but also a journey into the most genuine and authentic flavors of Italy with an emphasize on Sicily.



For us food represents our past, our future, our roots. Cooking means maintaing our Identity. We believe that as restaurateurs is our duty to protect the land and the sea. We choose to use only prime ingredients which are the result of a family or of a team, and they have a hard working story behind - exactly like ours. With few exceptions your menu has been crafted with a lot of love in our kitchen. The ‘few’ remaining products are mostly outsourced from Italy - like cheese or dry-cured charcuterie. And in order to maintain featuring the freshest and the best seasonal ingredients in our menus each season PepeNero launches a new crafted menu. Our goal is to give you a distinctly Italian experience. Even though you’re not in Italy (and probably not even Italian!) we work tirelessly to make you feel that way. It is with this simple thought in mind that we invite you to join us to celebrate and be a part of our family!


Diner Menu

Beverage Menu

PepeNero wine cellar was born on April, 2014, after a long process of careful analysis and research; The wine list offers an ever-evolving mix of unique tastings for variety and prestige. Our Wine Cellar is a journey through the Old World regions, and even if focused on Italy and France, our cellar includes a collection of fine wines from around the world. In addition to our vast collection of wines we offer a selection of fine scothes, whiskeys, spirits and liquors. We are looking forward to share many drinks with you!