Welcome to Ballaro Wine Lounge

Meet PepeNero’s younger brother Ballaro Wine Lounge, with its classy, upscale and stylish atmosphere, featuring italian tapas (small plates), and a great selection of wines mainly Old World oriented. Tasters may pair their wines with a range of antipasti - formaggi, charcuterie, house made pastas, market fresh fish or meats - all dishes representing regional Italian favorites with an emphasize on Sicily. Visiting Ballaró Wine Lounge here in Traverse City, is one of the most direct ways to soak in the atmosphere of today’s Italy. Spontaneous and effervescent as the Sicilian street market it’s named after, is truly the modern day neighborhood hangout; Its a chill lounge with amazing Italian food - set out to recreate the feel and the look of an evening in our home country as we would enjoy it.

Lounge Menu

Ballaró reinterpets the delightful Italian custom of antipasto- small plate dishes designed for sharing - or eat alone with a drink, or two, or more. Dishes are brought to the table as they are prepared throughout your meal. With few exceptions your menu has been crafted with a lot of love in our kitchen. The ‘few’ remaining products are mostly outsourced from Italy - like cheese or dry-cured charcuterie. Each season Ballaro launches a new crafted menu. While still retaining the favorites the new dishes will feature the freshest and best seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers.

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  • L'Aperitivo (Happy Hour)

    Welcome to our italian version of 'happy hour' served 7 days a week, 3-6pm. We invite you to relax in between or post work over a glass of wine or Campari and of course some snacks - what can be a better way to work up and appetite for dinner!

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    Our wine cellar was born on April, 2014, after a long process of careful analysis and research; The wine list offers an ever-evolving mix of unique tastings for variety and prestige. Our Wine Cellar is a journey through the Old World regions, and even if focused on Italy and France, our cellar includes a collection of fine wines from around the world. In addition to our vast collection of wines we offer a selection of fine scothes, whiskeys, spirits and liquors. We are looking forward to share many drinks with you!